Monday, 17 April 2017

Some Good Reasons for Republishing the Old Content

There are many things that can happen with the content that you create. The most considerable ones are the difficulty in creating new content and the existing content’s inability to derive better results. Blogging involves both of these scenarios in perfect way.

So, if you are dealing with the blogging in order to derive internet traffic in, you are going to need to use some analytics to find out best performing blogs. Look at the content and blogs that you would have posted a long time ago. Read those blogs and find out if any of the mentioned things in those blogs have been changed over time. If this is the case, you can update that those blogs with fresh updates and republish them. This way, the common Google’s recommendation regarding updating content will be fulfilled and you will keep getting good traffic on the information that you would put as update.

How can you republish?

The republishing I am talking about mainly involves updating the content, changing the publish date to recent one and publish the content. This is what you can do with your blogs. However, you will need to make sure that you are not changing the URL. Doing so will disconnect your blog from the sites that have your blog’s backlink.

With that said, there are some good reasons for republishing the old content, and those reasons are worth mentioning.

The content that is getting free traffic but is out of date
If your content is found on Google and the user gets to know about its invalidity due to a publishing date stamp belonging to far past, the content is definitely not going to lay good impression. Eventually, this content is not going to get any traffic at all. In order to make this content get good traffic again, you can republish it after inserting updated information about the topic. This way, you can get appreciation from both the Google and the users.

The published content isn’t performing well
You have worked hard to develop good quality content, published it and did everything to bring traffic to it. Still, it is not riding any position in the first page. Well, this is what the competition is. However, one way to beat the competition is to keep updating the content in this post. Updating it and republishing it gives a signal to Google that post has fresh content to show to the people. This way, there would be a fair chance that Google will promote your content to the first page.

It’s a post that requires consistent updating

If you have published the type of post that demands consistent updating, republishing it after every update is the wonderful opportunity that you can avail. It doesn’t only saves you from the trouble of writing the entire content with updated information again and again but it will also give your existing post the necessary boost that can push it to the top ranks.

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